5. Booking and seats

5.1 BOOKING requirements

The booking of a seat on a flight is confirmed when the carrier issues the ticket. No subsequent confirmation of the booking is required.

5.2 Changes TO the BOOKING

FlyValan fares do not include the option to change the booking. That notwithstanding, the date, route, flight time and number of passengers of tickets purchased on the FlyValan website or from the Customer Service Center may be changed subject to availability. Changes are subject to a fee per passenger and flight plus the difference in the fare of the original ticket and the fare of the new ticket (plus any taxes and fees that may apply).

However if Flexible fare has been purchased, then changes to the Booking on the website or with the Customer Service Center, must be made at least seven (7) days prior to the Flight.


The Fares are subject to change up to the moment of confirmation of Booking. Once the Booking has been confirmed, no cancellations are permitted, unless the Flex Plan has been purchased. The Ticket price must be paid in full upon confirmation of the Booking. If the payment is not verified within 24 hours, it shall be understood that the Contract of Carriage was never completed and that the Booking is lost, in which case the present terms and conditions shall not apply.


The seat on the aircraft may be chosen by the buyer or passenger during the Internet booking process for an additional fee. If the passenger does not choose a seat at the time of booking or purchase, FlyValan shall assign a seat automatically subject to availability and at no cost to the passenger.

If the passenger would later like to change a previously reserved seat, FlyValan shall assign a new seat subject to availability or choice but shall not reimburse the extra fee paid for the first seat.

The flight or cabin crews are authorized to change the location of the passengers in the seats if and when deemed necessary to ensure flight safety. The above changes may be justified in the case of seats in the emergency exit rows, which may not be occupied by especially large or bulky passengers who require a seat belt extension, passengers with difficulty of movement, pregnant women, passengers with small children, passengers with functional disabilities or passengers who cannot assist the flight staff in the event of an emergency as they are required under the international aviation regulations that apply to passengers located in those seats.

If FlyValan accommodates the passenger in a lower-category seat, it will reimburse up to 75% of the price difference, depending on the distance of the flight, within seven days in accordance with Regulation (EC) 261/2004.

5.5 Cancellation of the Booking with flexible fare and refund.

The Customer will have the right to cancel a Flight Booking with Flexible Fare without cause. The cancellation must always be made at least for (7) days before the scheduled time departure of the first leg. If the Passenger has already flown one of the legs included in the Booking, the other leg cannot be cancelled.

Flexible fare is refundable under following conditions:

(i) *Penalty fee in case of cancellation : 25 Euro per leg per passenger  РIn case of no show: 50 Euro per leg per passenger 

(ii) For the refund please act, within 7 days from cancellation.

(iii) Passenger name change : 110 Euro

(iv) If you have not used any part of the ticket, the refund will be equal to the fare and any carrier imposed charges and surcharges, and taxes, fees and charges you have paid, except the administration fee.

All taxes are VAT exclusive.

Please note, that TAXES are refundable, but ADMINISTRATION FEE – 6 Euro is non-refundable.