4. Prices

4.1 General provisions

The price of the Ticket will solely include the carriage from the airport of departure through the airport of destination. The price does not include ground carriage between airports, or between the airports or terminals of the city of destination. Neither will it include checked packages or luggage of the Passenger, unless the Ticket Fare provides otherwise.

The prices of FlyValan Tickets depend on supply and demand, the marketing channel, and the applicable Fare in each Ticket.

4.2 Taxes and charges

Flyvalan always includes VAT in its prices, as well as any charges established by each airport/government authority. Any other charge for optional or additional services will be expressly notified, and should be accepted by the Passenger prior to payment. All of the aforementioned concepts will be duly itemised on the purchase screen of the FlyValan website.

These fees are subject to decisions beyond the Carrier’s control, and may therefore increase or decrease after booking yet before the Passenger flies. The Passenger will have the right and the obligation, respectively, to accept such changes, and the Passenger expressly authorises FlyValan to charge such increase or reimburse any decrease to the same card with which the Passenger paid for the Ticket if such was the payment method. FlyValan may cancel bookings of those Passengers who have not paid for their booking with a credit card, have been notified of a fee increase and have not paid the difference before flying.

4.3. Return of the price/reimbursement

Barring the provisions of these Conditions, and unless otherwise accredited in the Fare or by means of the corresponding cancellation insurance, FlyValan will not be liable if the Passenger does not use the Ticket for the corresponding Flight. The foregoing will not generate any obligation whatsoever for FlyValan to return or reimburse the price.

Neither should FlyValan return, in the event of the non-utilisation of the Ticket by the Passenger, the fuel surcharge, administrative charge, taxes or any other amount paid by the Passenger for the Flight contracted. However, FlyValan should proceed to reimburse any amount paid by the Passenger as Airport and Security Charges when so requested by the Passenger and after deducting the amount of 6 euros per flight and passenger from the amount to be returned for administrative expenses.

4.4 Exceptional circumstances

In general, FlyValan will not be liable for the non-utilisation of the Ticket by the Passenger except for the following circumstances:

Surgical intervention:

  • If any direct, first or second degree relative requires incommutable surgical intervention on the date of the Flight, the Passenger may request a change in the date thereof free-of-charge, but in no case may he request the reimbursement of the amount of the Ticket. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if any difference exists in the Fare of the new Flight assignment with respect to the original, the corresponding quantity should be paid.
  • A maximum period of 6 months is established as of the date of the Flight in which to make the new assigned flights.


  • In the event of the death of the Passenger, his relatives may request the reimbursement of the Ticket. If the deceased person is a direct, first or second degree relative of the Passenger, a change in dates may be requested at no additional charge, barring a possible Fare difference.
  • A maximum period of 6 months is established as of the date of the Flight in which to make the new assigned flights.

Common provisions:

  • With respect to the foregoing cases, the Passenger or his relatives (if he is deceased), should notify the contingency to FlyValan prior to the departure of the Flight. To accredit the surgery or death, only medical or death certificates will be admitted within the period of 10 business days of the date on which the contingency occurs. The acceptance of these documents will always be subject to the assessment of FlyValan.
  • No late requests will be considered, barring grounds of force majeure, in the opinion of FlyValan.

4.5 Free tickets

Passengers traveling with free Tickets will not benefit from the rights envisaged for the rest of Passengers in Regulation 261/2004, with respect to cancellation and delays of Flights or overbooking. They should likewise be able to accredit the reason for the free Ticket at all times.

4.6 Invoice

FlyValan will issue an invoice to all those Passengers who so expressly request this by phone to the Customer Service Center or via the website.

4.7 Currency

The price of the Ticket, taxes, fees, charges and other, additional costs will be paid in euros. Nevertheless, FlyValan may accept other currencies for payment if deemed appropriate in accordance with its own criterion, and will be legitimated to establish the exchange rate for the currency considering the price of the currency on international markets and, where appropriate, other additional objective criteria, such as administrative expenses.