7. Check-in

7.1 Maximum check-in period

The Passenger should arrive at the airport sufficiently in advance with respect to the departure time of the Flight in order to comply with all obligations and formalities and, where appropriate, to check the baggage. All check-in counters will open two hours before and close 35 minutes prior to the departure of the scheduled Flight (even if the Flight is delayed). At all Italian airports the check-in counter closes 40 minutes before flight departure. 

After this time, no baggage will be accepted and no Boarding Passes will be issued. Following the maximum check-in period, the Carrier may give away the seats of those Passengers with reservations and without an early Boarding Pass who failed to identify themselves at the check-in counter to other Passengers on the waiting list pending acceptance.

7.2 Check-in Procedure

In order to check baggage, the Passenger should provide the Ticket as well as a legally-valid document in force to accredit his identity, as set forth in these Conditions.