9. Boarding

9.1 Boarding

Boarding should commence 35 minutes prior to the departure of the Flight and the boarding gate will close 15 minutes prior to departure.

Passengers arriving at the boarding desk after the time indicated in the preceding paragraph will not be allowed to board, will have no right to compensation for the denial to board and will be liable for any damages withstood by FlyValan if their baggage must be located and removed from the aircraft because the Passenger checked it but failed to report to the boarding gate in time.

Those families traveling with children, Passengers in wheelchairs and Passengers with reduced mobility will have priority during boarding.

9.2 Boarding and assistance to Passengers with reduced mobility

In accordance with legislation in force in the European Union, it is the responsibility of each airport to provide assistance to Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

When a person with a disability or reduced arrives at an airport for a Flight, FlyValan will ensure the rendering of the assistance specified in Annex I of Regulation (EC) 1107/2006 so that this person may take the Flight for which he has a reservation, providing that the specific assistance needs for such person are notified to FlyValan, its agent or the tour operator in question at least 48 hours prior to the published departure time of the Flight. This notice will likewise cover any return Flight if the roundtrip Flight was contracted with the same company.

9.3 On-board menu service

FlyValan cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment on board.

Our on-board menu offers foods that contain nuts and other foods likely to cause allergic reactions. For this reason, if you suffer from any kind of allergy or food intolerance, please inform the cabin crew as you board.

Furthermore, FlyValan does not accept responsibility for any foods, products or items brought on board by other passengers that may trigger allergic reactions. It is the responsibility of the Passenger to carry the necessary medication (including injectable medicines) and any other measures required for their own protection during the flight. FlyValan will not accept any responsibility should you not have these items with you.