6. Baggage

6.1 General provisions

Baggage allowance depends on what fare was chosen.Therefore, any Passenger wishing to check a package or luggage should pay an additional fee per flight that can be found on our fares page.

The Passenger should attach an identification label to his baggage with information on his identity. FlyValan will be liable for the baggage of the Passenger as of the moment it is checked. The Carrier will provide the Passenger with a Baggage Check, containing an identification code, which will likewise be attached to the baggage and should be kept by the Passenger through the collection thereof.

6.2 Baggage restrictions

The following may not be carried as baggage:

  • Objects that, in the opinion of the Carrier, are not duly packed or packaged, may pose a danger to the aircraft, its crew or other Passengers. To this regard, all those goods or objects defined as such by the regulations of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and the IATA (International Air Transport Association).
  • Fragile and/or perishable objects, money in cash or negotiable securities, currencies, transferable securities, precious gems and metals, electronic apparatuses, computers, objects of value and identity documents.
  • Firearms and similar objects, with the exception of those for sporting or hunting purposes. Sporting and hunting firearms may be carried as checked baggage providing they are unloaded, with the safety on and packed in a hard case to prevent damage during the Flight. The Passenger should provide notice of the carriage of firearms at the moment of the reservation and submit the corresponding permit. It will be the responsibility of the Passenger to inform himself about the restrictions of each country. In addition to the weapon, the Passenger may carry a maximum of 5 kg of ammunition, which should be suitably packaged, separately from the firearm. The firearm and the ammunition may not be carried in the same container. The carriage of ammunition is subject to international regulations on the carriage of dangerous articles.
  • The Carrier reserves the right to allow the checking as baggage of antique bladed weapons (swords, knives and daggers).
  • Live animals, barring the provisions of these Conditions.
  • Objects whose carriage is not appropriate, in the opinion of the Carrier, due to the weight, configuration, size, shape or nature thereof.
  • Articles or objects whose carriage is prohibited by the laws of the country of origin or destination of the carriage.

6.3 Articles deemed as Dangerous Goods

Objects that endanger the aircraft or the people or equipment on board, such as those specified in the Dangerous Goods Regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which include but are not limited to gas cylinders, inflammable liquids and solids, poisons, radioactive material, corrosives, fire arms and explosives, will not be accepted for carriage in the cargo hold or overhead lockers on board without the prior express consent of FlyValan. For further information about dangerous goods, please consult our regulations.

6.4 Right of the Carrier to reject the baggage

The Carrier reserves the right not to carry any objects for security or operational reasons.

6.5 Right of the Carrier to inspect the baggage

For reasons of security, the Carrier or authorities may, at any time and as soon as the baggage is delivered by the Passenger, search and inspect all or part thereof with the necessary technical devices or human means. By accepting these Conditions, the Passenger expressly consents to the search and inspection of his baggage as many times as deemed necessary in the opinion of FlyValan or the airport authorities. The Carrier will not be liable for any damage caused to the baggage (such as the breaking of locks, seals or packaging) as a result of the search and inspection tasks, unless it can be proven that it acted negligently during these inspection tasks.

The Carrier will be empowered to deny boarding to the Passenger, without incurring any liability whatsoever and without any obligation to reimburse the price of the Ticket, if the Passenger refuses to allow the search or inspection of his baggage. FlyValan likewise reserves the right to deliver the baggage of a Passenger to the local authorities, if deemed advisable due to the illegality of its contents.

6.6 Baggage weight per Passenger

Any baggage that the Passenger wishes to check, and for which a supplement should be paid, may not exceed a weight of 20 Kg for each piece.

6.7 Excess baggage weight

If the checked baggage exceeds the limit established in the preceding section, the Passenger who wishes to check any excess up to 32 Kg per piece should pay an additional quantity. A maximum of 50 Kg of baggage in total per Passenger may be checked. FlyValan may refuse to carry all or part of any baggage that exceeds this weight if the circumstances of the Flight so require.

6.8 Cabin baggage

Each Passenger may take one piece of cabin baggage with him with maximum dimensions of 55x40x20 cms, plus one additional small bag up to 35 x 20 x 20 cms. Under no circumstance, both pieces together can weigh more than 10kg.

Due to cabin space limitations only 75 cabin bags (55 x 40 x 20 cms) can be carried in the cabin. Any remainder shall be carried free of charge in the aircraft hold.

Any cabin baggage that infringes company regulations, in other words, that exceeds the quantity, weight and/or measurements indicated above, will be removed at the boarding gate and stored in the hold of the aircraft, at an additional cost that can be found in our service fees table.

The Carrier reserves the right to cancel the reservation and to deny boarding to those Passengers who do not comply with the cabin baggage requirements indicated above.

The cabin baggage should be placed in the closed upper compartments installed in the cabin for this purpose, under the seat of the Passenger or anywhere else indicated by the cabin crew at any given time. The Passenger will be liable for any damages caused to FlyValan or to third parties by his baggage, unless these are caused by the negligence of FlyValan.

The objects (including musical instruments and similar objects) that do not comply with the size requirements envisaged for hand baggage but that, given their characteristics, cannot be checked as hold baggage, will only be accepted for carriage in the Passenger cabin compartment following notice to FlyValan 24 hours in advance. FlyValan should grant authorisation for the carriage of these types of objects in the cabin and will require an additional payment for this.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 185/2010, the following objects are not permitted as cabin baggage:

  • Firearms and other devices that discharge projectiles such as pistols, bows, guns, rifles, shotguns, etc.
  • Stunning devices such as, for example, electric pistols, disabling or incapacitating sprays, pepper sprays, etc.
  • Objects with a sharp point or sharp edge such as axes, knives, ice picks, scissors and knives with blades of more than 6 cm, swords, etc.
  • Workmen’s tools capable of being used either to cause serious injury or to threaten the safety of the aircraft, such as drills, saws, blow torches, etc.
  • Blunt instruments or objects that may be used to cause serious injury when used to hit, including baseball bats, clubs, martial arts equipment, etc.
  • Incendiary substances and devices such as ammunition, mines, grenades, dynamite, gunpowder, etc.

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 185/2010, containers with liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) and products of a similar consistency may only be carried as cabin baggage (for example, toothpaste, hair gel, drinks, soups, perfume, shaving foam, aerosols, food spreads, etc.) providing that they are carried in containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml, which will be placed inside a transparent bag with a maximum capacity of 100 cc that is completely sealable (STEB bag). Only one bag per Passenger is allowed.

The carriage of liquids and semi-solids will be allowed on board when they must be consumed on board for medical or special dietary requirements, such as given medicines, insulin and baby foods. Nevertheless, the Passenger may be required to prove the authenticity of the products.

Liquids will likewise be allowed on board that:

  • Are carried in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 millilitres or equivalent, placed in a re-sealable plastic bag of a capacity not to exceed 1 litre in which the contents of the plastic bag fit comfortably in the closed bag, or
  • That will be used during the trip and are required for medical purposes or special dietary requirements, including baby food. When requested to do so, the passenger shall provide proof of authenticity of the authorised LAG, or
  • That have been obtained airside beyond the point where boarding passes are controlled, from outlets that are subject to approved security procedures as part of the airport security program, providing that the LAG is packed in an STEB bag, containing satisfactory proof of purchase at that specific airport on that day, or
  • Have been obtained from outlets located in the security restricted area subject to approved security procedures as part of the airport security program or;
  • Have been obtained at another European Union airport, providing that the LAG is packed in an STEB bag and displays satisfactory proof of purchase at airside at that specific airport on that day, or
  • Have been obtained on board a Community aircraft, and the LAG is packed in an STEB bag and displays satisfactory proof of purchase on board the aircraft in question on that specific day, or
  • Were acquired in an airport located in one of the third countries on the list of Appendix 4-D of Regulation 185/2010, providing that the LAG is packed in an STEB bag and displays satisfactory proof of purchase at airside within the preceding 36 hours. The exceptions envisaged in this letter will expire on 29 April 2013.

FlyValan will deny boarding at any time and without any financial compensation of any cabin baggage that fails to comply with the requirements envisaged in the aforementioned Regulation and in this Clause.

6.9 Baby baggage

Passengers traveling with babies under the age of 2 may carry, at no extra charge, two baby equipment items: a stroller, car seat or crib fully folded. At the airport, the two baby items can be checked in without any cost at one of our check-in counters, which closes 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure and will be delivered to the Passenger at the baggage claim at destination.

The stroller may be taken up to the door of the aircraft itself. The crew should stow it in the hold and return it to the Passenger at the baggage claim at destination.

6.10 Animals

The Passenger with vision problems, who normally requires a guide dog to get around, may travel with it in the cabin, providing that the animal is correctly secured and the Passenger is liable for any damages that could be caused to the rest of the passengers. Any Passenger requiring this type of animal to get around should not pay any surcharge whatsoever for the carriage of the aforementioned animal.

During the reservation process, the Passenger may optionally purchase transportation service for a pet (only cats and dogs), for which an additional fee must be paid and the following conditions must be met:

  • The pet must be enclosed in a special container for this purpose, with holes for breathing and an impermeable base; homemade boxes are not acceptable. If, based exclusively on the judgment of the ground or flight personnel, the container is not found to be acceptable or secure, it will be rejected.
  • Only one pet may be transported per box and Passenger, subject, however, to paragraph (iii) below.
  • Only two animals will be admitted on board in the cabin on a single flight. The computerized reservation system will not allow this service to be purchased by passengers who request it after this maximum has been reached.
  • The Passenger buying the transportation service for a pet must check-in at the Airport. The Passenger must take into account the maximum check-in period set forth in section 7.1 of the present Conditions of Carriage.
  • Maximum measurements of the container are 50 cm in length, 40 cm wide and 20 cm tall.
  • Maximum weight of the box (including the pet and its accessories) is 8 Kg.
  • Food and drink containers must be covered, in order to avoid spills.
  • The box must be transported on the floor, either between the Passenger’s feet or under his or her seat. Transporting the box in the seat next to the Passenger is prohibited, even if it is unoccupied. Holding the box in Passenger’s lap is also prohibited.
  • Pets will be rejected if their particular characteristics (bad odor, pregnancy, state of health or hygiene, or violent behavior, etc.) may become bothersome to the other passengers.
  • In no case may the pet be removed from its container from the time of boarding until deboarding the aircraft.

Passengers must ensure that regulations in the destination Country permit the pet to be transported and enter the Country according to local legislation and that the pet (i) complies with all health and hygiene requirements and (ii) that they have all the necessary documentation for ownership and transportation.

The Passenger will be responsible for any damages (such as fines imposed by the country of destination, etc.) which FlyValan may incur due to the transportation of pets without proper documentation. FlyValan does not offer the option of transporting pets in the aircraft hold.

The flight crew reserves the right to change the seat of any Passenger traveling with pets, in order to meet safety regulations.

In any case, FlyValan has the final authority to deny transportation of the pet if safety on board is likely to be endangered.

6.11 Special baggage

For the carriage of sports or special baggage, the Passenger should accept the specific conditions and fares at the time these are contracted.

6.12 Value of the Baggage

At the express request of the Passenger upon reserving the ticket, by means of the Customer Service Center at any time or when checking the baggage, FlyValan has a declaration of baggage value insurance service, except for certain, valuable objects, for an additional cost.

6.13 Removal and delivery of baggage

The Passenger may remove his baggage as of the moment at which the Carrier places it at his disposal in the points indicated for such purpose in the airport of destination.

To collect his baggage, the Passenger should show the corresponding Baggage Check delivered to him at check-in. In given cases and when FlyValan deems it advisable, the Passenger claiming the baggage submitting any proof of title other than the Baggage Check, should furnish a financial cover or guarantee prior to the removal of baggage sufficient to compensate any loss, damage or expense that could be incurred by the Carrier as a result of this delivery.

The reception of the baggage without complaint by the holder of the Check or Ticket within the legally established periods entails the waiver of any subsequent claim.

The Passenger authorises FlyValan, in the event of the loss of his baggage, to perform on its own or by third parties any procedures necessary to locate the baggage, utilising any objects or elements existing on the inside as well as on the exterior of the baggage for this, and with all due respect for the confidentiality of the personal data obtained.

If the Passenger has not collected his baggage within 7 days of the date of the placement thereof at his disposal, the Carrier may demand the quantity of 12 euros per day for storage. If the Passenger does not collect the baggage within the maximum period of 6 months of the placement thereof at his disposal, FlyValan may dispose of such baggage without incurring any liability whatsoever.

6.14 Right of the Carrier to refuse to deliver the baggage

FlyValan may block or deny the delivery to the Passenger of any baggage that appears suspicious or on the basis of a request to this regard from another Passenger or from the Security Forces and Authorities of the Spanish State or security authorities of any other country. In these cases, the Passenger should comply with the procedures envisaged by law for the collection of baggage and the Carrier will not assume any liability whatsoever for such delay or for the refusal to deliver it.

6.15 Connecting Flights and baggage

If the Passenger purchases two or more Flights of consecutive times, it is the responsibility of the Passenger to allow sufficient time to be able to disembark and collect the baggage from the first Flight, re-check it, pass security and passport control and arrive at the boarding gate for the second and/or subsequent Flights. Each Flight constitutes a separate contract of carriage. Therefore, FlyValan shall not be held liable for missed connections.