8. Administrative formalities and Security control

8.1 Travel documents

The Passenger should obtain all entry and exit documentation required by the countries from which, to which or over which the carriage will be performed, as well as any health or other documentation that may be required in such countries. It will be the obligation of the Passenger to preserve the aforementioned documents and to show them when requested. The Carrier reserves the right to deny carriage to any Passenger who has not complied with such applicable laws, regulations, rules, demands or requirements, or whose documents do not adapt thereto, in the opinion of the Carrier or the authorities of the country of departure or arrival.

The Passenger who has acquired or reserved the Ticket with the application of any of the discounts envisaged for residents outside the peninsula or for members of large families, should accredit such status at the check-in and/or boarding counter, by means of original documents or certified copies, whereby FlyValan will be legitimated to make simple copies of the aforementioned documentation. FlyValan will not allow either the check-in or the boarding of any Passenger whose documentation or identity indicates any type of artificial change or deficiency. The non-accreditation of the status as a non-resident or member of a large family entails the obligation of the Passenger to pay the difference between the price initially paid and the one that he would have to pay without the deduction or, the denial of access to the aircraft, without FlyValan being obligated to reimburse the price of the Ticket for the Flight.

8.2 Denial of entry into a country

If the public authorities of any country deny or prevent the entry of a Passenger, the latter will be obligated to pay the price of his return to the airport of origin or any other airport.

8.3 Passenger liability

If the Carrier has to pay any fine or sanction or incurs any expense on the occasion of the breach by the Passenger and his baggage of any Law, demand or travel requirements of the countries from which, to which or over which the carriage is made, the Passenger should reimburse, when the Carrier so requests, any amount that the latter has paid or expense that it has or should incur.

Security control

Passengers should submit to the security control legislation envisaged in Regulation (EC) (CE) 185/2010.