2. Gegenstand und anwendbare Gesetzesbestimmungen

The purpose of these General Conditions of Carriage is to regulate the terms and conditions by virtue of which Flyvalan will conduct its activity, consisting of the carriage of Passengers and baggage to the destination specified on the Ticket and the rendering, where appropriate, of other services related to such carriage by air.

Any carriage performed and other services rendered by the Carrier will be subject to the following legislation:

  • The general conditions and provisions appearing in the General Conditions of Carriage;
  • The specific and special conditions that, where appropriate, are applicable on the basis of the Fare and the corresponding itinerary; and
  • Relevant international, Community and State legislation on the matter.

These General Conditions of Carriage do not override any inalienable rights of the Passenger that are applicable in keeping with regulations and legislation.

If the Ticket has been purchased by a person other than the Passenger, the buyer should in all cases provide the Passenger with a copy of these General Conditions of Carriage. The buyer should inform the Passenger of any contingencies that may arise in relation to the Flight, unless the email address provided at the time of purchase is that of the Passenger.