Genoa: from November new flights to Trieste, Geneva, Zurich, Barcelona and Brussels

Genoa – “No, we are not talking about a project anymore. Let’s talk about a reality that will start operating on November 2nd ». David Jarach, an airline consultant and president of the Milanese ” Sixteenth ” company, has been out in the air for over twenty years . Over the past few days, the airline FlyValan, formed with the support of an “international investor in the helicopter industry and supplier, including Onu and Fao,” obtained licenses from Iata, and next fall will have its Operating base in Genoa.

“The website? There is not yet, will be online from September 1 – explains to the XIX century from the Aosta Valley where he is on vacation – But the initiative has already garnered consensus among the companies in the area, and not only. The company exists, has all the licenses and has already got the slots needed to operate. We are mainly targeting a business clientele, but we also count on attracting the general public. ”

FlyValan will connect Genoa with five cities: Trieste, Zurich, Geneva, Barcelona and Brussels . “We will first use a single aircraft, an Atr 72/500 with 68 seats, which will be delivered on September 15, and will be banned” Liguria “. In February, we will take delivery of a second airplane, and at the end of the industrial plan we will have five. In short, our goal is not to clear the competition, but to enhance a regional boutique. ”

FlyValan will connect Genoa with Trieste three times a week, while the remaining cities will be linked twice. From Monday to Friday, because «on weekends we will dedicate chartering to Genoa, but also to other airports. We have requested from tour operators and sports companies ».

In the future, if the market will react positively, frequency will increase. Much will depend on the prices that, “says Jarach,” will be definitely competitive. We will be the first in Italy to offer a tariff that exists in the US for three months, called “basic” and capable in some cases to be more advantageous than low-cost carriers. Not only that, we have conducted a comparative survey that demonstrates how FlyValan will be more competitive with companies reaching our destinations by forcing the customer to one or more changes ».

Jarach’s initiative, which the new carrier will be commercial lead, will be presented to the institutions and the city in mid-October. “The hope is that the territory supports us, because the intention is to grow here. The staff we hire will be selected in Genoa and the planes will be servicing the “Columbus” . We do not talk about big numbers, but the signal is still strong. ”