— in the air!

And it actually is — we’ve launched our brand new website with confidence — it would be easy to use and comfortable to book tickets with.
You may ask — who is this new air-carrier and why there are so much gossips around it?

We are FlyValan and we build our company with passion, professionalism, 4.0 business model and we’re fully client-oriented company.
Any of our solutions can be customized to fulfill your needs.

Initially, we planned to launch our website in late August, but our efforts to create a modern, fast and informative website took much more time then we expected.
It takes several months to prepare, design, check and design again, check and develop and check once again.
Why so many checks?
Multiple checks and tests — is base of any action in daily life of our air carrier crew.
We do care about safety, comfort and stability of our work — starting from the design of a website finishing with lunch-menu in flight.

So finally we’re here with good news: you can check all the information regarding fares, conditions, flight rules, routes and even special services of our company.
Our first three directions will connect Genoa with Barcelona, Trieste and Brussels. Please do not hesitate to check out our fleet — 68-seat aircraft ATR-72 is comfortable and safe way to visit Spain, Belgium or flight to Trieste.

Our new start date is 27th of November out of Genoa base with inspired and improved holiday offers!

In conclusion, we would like to add that now we are completing the work on the possibility of paying for our tickets directly with a debit/credit bank cards, very soon this payment method will be also added to our website.