Choose your seat wisely

We’re newly created airline company but our personal have flight many times — starting with short route from Genova to Trieste and finishing with long flights from Genova to Zurich. So we’ve done some big research between our teammates — how to select a seat in an airplane.

Window or aisle?

Depends on what you prefer — to stretch your legs during a flight, or to have a nice view through the window. So an aisle seat would definitely feat tall people. But keep in mind that anyone from the near-window-seat would like to get out of their seat. So if you prefer to stay calm and undisturbed, — choose the window seat for best.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you choose an aisle seat, you’ll seat right under the overhead lockers. There is a reason why the flight attendant at some point say something like  “Be careful when you open the lockers because the contents may have moved around during the flight and something might fall out and injure you or another passenger.” — so, yeah, you can be that passenger who might get injured. So if you ask me — I would avoid selecting aisle seats. In many flights, I’ve been hit several times by everything from full bottles of duty-free rolling out to a nappy (thankfully, unused).

Day flight or night flight?

When flying at night, window seats are the best. You can take a quick nap without being disturbed by someone who awaits access to the aisle. BTW in economy seats there’s the possibility of resting a pillow or put kind of rolled up item of clothing against the wall of the aircraft to prevent head hit.

Avoid seats at the back of the plane

Our general experience whispers that the front of the plane seems to be the quietest — engines are behind you are (sure there will be some noise — at least for a few seconds when the front landing gear is lowered or raised).

The middle of the plane is full of noise from the engines, but is smoother. While the back part of the airplane is both noisy and bumpy.

Seats by emergency exits are to be preferred

It’s like having a double size leg room, though they do come with restrictions. Most important one is that you are able bodied and so can assist in case of emergencies. Sad but you cannot put your cabin bag under the front seat. Take in attention that these are often close to the engines, and so can be noisy.

So, now we hope you’re now are fully armed to choose the right seat then will suit you and make your trip easy-going.